So as most of us already know, Apple’s WWDC Event was held today (06/07/11) in San Francisco, CA. However, we can all agree we weren’t expecting to be surprised with an iPhone 4S/5 this time around like the past years. We did get a trio of good surprises though, and one of these surprises was the preview of iOS 5: the next upgrade to Apple’s highly popular operating system which runs in the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. So what exactly will iOS 5 offer that iOS 4 doesn’t? Well, let me tell you!

The all new notification center!

What was wrong with the old notification system you ask? Well…if you had an iOS device you would know. No more annoying pop ups and being able to view your most recent notification while losing the rest.


The integration of Twitter into the new brand of iOS!

Twitter is seemingly becoming highly popular among smart phones, and what better phone to integrate it’s services in, other than the iPhone. You can now take pictures, and have the option to “Tweet” it and upload it to Twitter with your caption.


Safari Tab Browser (An iPad Exclusive)

Instead of swapping between pages which took some times…you can now select which tab you want to go to. Sort of like…well a real Internet Browser.



This one should speak for itself. A new built in app to remind yourself of…well, everything! You’re new grocery shopping list, or whatever you wish to make out of it!


New Camera Features!

This one deserves a round of applause. Apple has made some big improvements to it’s native camera app this time around. Some of these new features include being able to take a picture by selecting the camera icon straight from the lock screen, pinch to zoom, taking a picture using the side volume bottom, and having a built in photo editor.


PC Free!

No more connecting your iOS device to a computer to activate it or update the software. OTA software updates are the new standard for Apple.



All iOS 5 devices will come with the native text messaging app “iMessage” whether you have an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. They will all come with iMessage and be able to send text messages to each other via WI-FI, 3G, or EDGE. Want more? You will be able to see when the person whom you sent the message to has read it and see when they’re typing back to you, in real time.



You can now sync everything wirelessly and make it available to all your devices. All your purchased iTunes music will be pushed to Apple’s cloud service and be able to be accessed by any iOS device you own, and if the music you own isn’t purchased…you’ll be able to still upload it to the cloud for a reasonable price of $25/year. Your photos will also be synced to your computer (photo stream) over WI-FI connection. Many cool features with iCloud.

So let me know what you all thought about todays WWDC 2011 Event. Did it meet up to your expectations? Were there features on your wish list that were left completely untouched, or was the iOS 5 more than a surprise?